As I determine the next chapter of my career I would like to acknowledge the privilege and the esteemed honour it’s been to serve the people of Western Australia as their Senator.

At the same time I am proud of my political achievements which I am confident have enriched the lives of many Australians.

I’ll never forget the day I walked into Parliament House to be sworn in as a Senator. Only three weeks earlier I was working as an electrical contractor on a construction site when I received the call confirming I would be spending the next few years of my life in the 45th Parliament. It was a surreal moment.

I travelled to Parliament with a one track mind: to fly the flag for Western Australia.

I campaigned for a better GST deal and we got it.

My refusal to support the Government on the “Ensuring Integrity Bill” was a pivotal step for workers and protected a Fair Work Commission ruling. I know the Government wants to bring the legislation back to “bust up the unions” but I urge the Cross-Bench to do what’s right for Australian workers and their families.

I fought for a Federal license for an MRI machine in Kalgoorlie and Perth and we got them.

When the WA Labor governemnt wanted to bulldoze Moora Agricultural College I travelled to the region, lobbied for an upgrade and as a result the town is getting a new $8.7 million building.

I advocated for a three million dollar upgrade for Litis Stadium and WA Sport.

I helped fast-tack NBN in some of the slowest suburbs in Perth and applied enough pressure on the Commonwealth to unblock a population threshold for regional cities to access smart cities funding.

And let’s not forget about the banks. It was a One Nation-led Senate Inquiry into Rural Lending which forced the Government to launch a Banking Inquiry and ultimately uncovered theft, lying and fraud.

Not bad for a sparky some might say…which brings me to my next point.

I would like to see more and more people from ordinary walks of life put their hand up and serve this country. The political class from both sides of the tired parties have had a long-running habit of looking after their own and doing what’s right for their party, NOT for the everyday Australian.

Finally, I urge the Government to focus on what’s best and fair for our country and our people. The long-running practice of letting multinationals off the hook and not chasing them for their fair share of tax is just one example where there needs to be legislative change. Anything less is frankly an indictment on the Government.

I leave Federal Parliament knowing I have forged many friendships and connections with people from all sides of politics which I will always treasure. My political career has been the proudest and most humbling experience of my life and I’ll do it all again…one day!

I’d like to thank Pauline Hanson for trusting and believing in me.

To all the people of WA thank you and I hope to see you again soon.

Best wishes,

Senator Peter Georgiou

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Australian Stock Exchange reform

Early this year my office was contacted by concerned shareholders of Flinders Mine.
I sat and listened to their story and did whatever i could to help them. While i was able to achieve a small win this time, there is a lot more that needs to be done.

I was grateful to receive this letter in recognition of what i was able to do.

The letter begins:

In the 1990’s when the One Nation Party was established I worked with highly educated trained
professionals whom spoke positively about many of One Nation’s policies contrary to what a
journalist has written recently in this paper. Not all policies were liked but it is fair to say people
vote Labor and Liberal without being committed to all policies. Over time One Nation became
less fashionable and it is now usual to read on a regular basis the damming print of One Nation
written with the journalists’ hubris assuming we all concur.

However here in West Australian we have two excellent politicians working for One Nation in this State. I
speak of Senator Peter Georgiou and the Hon Robin Scott.

After years of financial support by minority shareholders of Flinders Mine our new Board decided
to cast us adrift, off the ASX and increase the dominance by foreign ownership to the detriment of
Mum and Dad shareholders. Hundreds of emails were sent to the WA Premier asking for help as
shareholders were excited about the planned port and railway project in the Pilbara and expected
to remain in real partnership as the project went forwards.

The State Government showed no interest in protecting Australian investors preferring instead to
opportunistically, politically, enable the foreigner’s goal. Whilst the State Labor Party chose silence
it was Senator Georgiou and Hon Robin Scott who used their political clout Federally and in the
State Parliament asking questions, highlighting inequality, making public previously confidential
and valuable information and as a direct result of this our Company remains on the ASX.

Not once was minority shareholders asked by Senator Georgiou or Robin Scott if we are One
Nation voters or intend being One Nation voters. These gentlemen were interested only in our
plight and this is in sharp contrast with the State Labor Party preoccupied with party politics and
personal ambitions. Politics today is too much about the Party and the Party Room and less and
less about what Senator Georgiou and Hon Robin Scott admirably demonstrate.

Pyjama Drama

Hon David Coleman MP
Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs
PO Box 6022
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600,

Dear David Coleman,

I write this open letter to you in regarding the issue of the Plumridge Family.

The facts of the matter should be known to you as they have been lying on your desk for the past 15 weeks.

According to your staff all that is required from you is for you to read their submission and for you to make a decision. I would have hoped that in the past 15 weeks you would have had the time to read their submission and have made a decision – one way or another.

Unfortunately time is beginning to run out.

As you may be aware, an election may be called any day soon. Once that occurs the government goes into caretaker mode and you will no longer be able to make a decision on their situation. The family will then have to wait through an election campaign. I mean no disrespect, but should there be a change a minister, then they would have to wait another 15 weeks for the new minister to read their submission.

Time this family does not have.

I must also share my concern that some MPs have already pre-judged their submission.

Staff from their local MP’s office, Ian Goodenough, apparently told them, or words to the effect, that if they want to work legally then they should return to the UK.

I do not believe it is appropriate for staff or government MPs to make a judgement call before the minister makes a decision.

I have repeatedly stated to my staff, that we will do the best we can for anyone who comes to my office for assistance regardless of who they vote for.

It is in this spirit I urge you to make the right decision regarding the Plumridge family before an election is called.

Yours Sincerely

Peter Georgiou
Senator for Western Australia


A copy of the letter can be found here:


One Nation Senator Peter Georgiou refuses to buckle to MacTiernan’s demands

Senator Peter Georgiou is calling out the behaviour of WA Agriculture Minister Alannah MacTiernan who has apparently been puzzled as to why the state’s egg producers are raising their concerns with the One Nation MP.

“It has come to my attention that the Minister of Agriculture is ringing around egg producers of WA trying to find out who spoke to me” he said.

“Frankly I think the Minister should focus more on doing her job by listening to the egg producers and trying to help resolve their issues rather than ringing around trying to find out why they spoke to me” he added.

Over the past few weeks the office of Senator Georgiou has been told by WA egg producers they are being bullied by having unfair demands placed on them by the big supermarket chains.

“We recently saw how the federal government used bully tactics to address the issue facing dairy farmers of Australia and the absurdly low prices milk was being sold at – to the detriment of the dairy farmers and rural communities they live in” he said.

“My concern is that if action isn’t taken soon, it may be too late for our local egg industry too”.

“I am also troubled the Minister is more concerned about who spoke to me, instead of picking up the phone to speak to me so we can resolve their concerns” he added.

“If the Minister wants to know what was said at the meeting I can tell her right now that it’s the same thing I tell everyone who comes into my office. My job is to represent the people of Western Australia and I don’t care who you are or what party you voted for”.

The Senator went on to add “I will do my best to represent you. I think the Minister should start representing the people of WA and give farmers a fair go. My door is always open to the Minister and to anyone else who can help resolve the issues facing everyday Australians”.

Senator locks horns with “Chuck” the bull

Senator Georgiou prior to his first bull ride
(Photo: Richard Whyte)

Senator Peter Georgiou literally took the bull by the horns over the weekend when he saddled up and jumped on “Chuck Norris” the bull at Wagin for the annual rodeo.

The Senator spent two days in the region with One Nation WA leader Colin Tincknell talking to farmers about the season ahead and the impact of a possible ban on live sheep exports.

With only two hours training on a simulated bull under his belt, the Senator was keen to get a real taste of rodeo action and brilliantly lasted the minimum eight seconds when he jumped on “Chuck”.

While he may have been disqualified on a technicality it didn’t stop the roaring crowd cheer on the Senator as  he bravely completed his novice bull ride.

Last time we checked, we can’t recall too many politicians who’ve jumped on a bull just for kicks!


Save our Egg Producers

I’ve called on Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud to lend a hand and spare our egg producers the same possible fate or our dairy farmers.

Read my letter below and make sure you let your thoughts known to Minister Littleproud.


Dear Minister Littleproud,

 My office has been approached by the Commercial Egg Producers Association of Western Australia (Inc) (CEPA) representing key industry leaders in the West Australian Egg industry.

During our discussions they raised a number of concerning issues that I believe need to be addressed at a national level.  I would like to address two of these with you.

The first issue involves the major supermarket chains abusing their market power to interfere with the process of the free market and deny egg producers a chance to update their prices to truly reflect market costs.

The egg producers are in exactly the same position that the dairy producers found themselves in. Rising feed costs as a result of the drought in the eastern states has added to the strain that they are already facing as a result of what appears to be unfair pressure being placed upon them by the major supermarket chains. Using their market dominance the supermarket chains have coincidently decided not to call for new supply orders which would reflect current prices, but instead have decided to extend existing contracts.

Through government pressure and raising awareness to the plight of dairy farmers we were able to bring about change to at least one supermarket chain.

I believe the egg producers deserve equal treatment as the dairy producers and need to be treated fairly above all.

And by treating egg producers fairly we will also be guaranteeing Australia’s food security, an objective that should be on the top of every Australian government.

The second issue concerns the funding of the ACCC and their inability to deal with potential issues of deceptive marketing. There are serious concerns and allegations that need to be addressed in a timely manner, the ACCC however appear unable to do so. The longer that these issues remain unaddressed the longer justice is delayed.

When unethical businesses are allowed to operate unchallenged they effectively punish operators who are doing the right thing and steal market share.

I urge the Minister to do the right thing by egg producers and to apply the same amount of pressure on the supermarket chains as was applied on behalf of the dairy producers.
I also urge the Minister to do his utmost to help stamp out deceptive and unethical traders who bring the industry into disrepute and deceive customers.

Yours Sincerely

Peter Georgiou
Senator for Western Australia












Georgiou calls out Senator Dastyari on racist taunts

WA’s One Nation Senator Peter Georgiou has called on ALP Senator Sam Dastyari, to prove the racist taunts he was subjected to in Melbourne yesterday were those of the “One Nation” fold.

Senator Georgiou stressed he did not condone racial vilification, after having been subjected to racism since he could remember.

“I’ve been called a “Wog” and “Grease ball” and a host of other names since I was a kid at school and into my adult life for years” he said.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate however to be blaming One Nation for the abuse Senator Dastyari faced at a Melbourne pub yesterday”.

“Furthermore I have to say that in the last six months while I’ve been in the Federal Political frame and a One Nation MP, I’ve never been vilified or ridiculed for being the son of a Greek migrant or being proud of my Hellenic roots.

“I’m sure the men Senator Dastyari faced were no short of bigots and what they did was ‘un-Australian’. Nobody should be subjected to that type of behaviour”.

“These men identified themselves as being part of the “Patriots Blue” group. One Nation has no affiliation with them.

“For Senator Dastyari to accuse his attackers as ‘One Nation’ racists and blaming Pauline Hanson is out of order”.

Senator Georgiou said he would happily sit down with Senator Dastyari next week when the Senate resumes discussing the matter further, in private.

Perth’s NBN blackspots must be fixed now not in 2019

WA Senator Peter Georgiou has called on the Communications Minister, Mitch Fifield to fast-track the broadband plan to connect homes and businesses in Perth’s eastern suburbs, rather than make them wait for another agonising two years.

Evidence submitted by the Morley Internet Action Group (which represents residents in Nollamara, Noranda, Dianella and Morley) at the Standing Committee on the NBN inPerth today, revealed that internet speeds averaged around 2.4 megabits per secondand could plummet as low as 0.3 megabits per second.

This has caused grief and distress for local businesses, some of which have packed up and moved to surrounding suburbs, while at the same time, some families have been forced to send their children to friends with faster internet so they can complete their studies.

“As a long time Morley resident, it’s quite concerning to see local businesses and the education of our children suffer” Senator Georgiou said.

“It is hard to believe that thousands of people, who only live less than 10 kilometres from the Central Business District of Perth, can only access the digital world via poor internet coverage, which in some cases is so bad their only portal is the antiquated dial- up system” he said.

“It just baffles me to see regional areas like Busselton, Bunbury, Albany and Geraldton have access to strong broadband, but suburbs which are a stones-throw from the capital are experiencing a third world problem”.

“My office has today been told, that in some circumstances, services to these blackspots could be improved and relief could be offered with the support of Telstra. I would urge the Commonwealth and the Telco explore this immediately.

“The NBN, according to its own charter is supposed to be the conduit to “connect Australia and bridge the digital divide” the Senator added.

“What the Federal Government won’t admit is the divide, is just getting bigger”.

Georgiou calls for simple, fairer GST carve up

The office of One Nation Senator Peter Georgiou has lodged a submission to the Productivity Commission which has been tasked to review the effectiveness of Horizontal FiscalEqualisation (HFE) and the associated mechanisms of theCommonwealth Grants Commission’s distribution of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

The theme of Senator Georgiou’s submission includes the abolition of the GST coupled with a fixed rate of 70c in the dollar to be returned per capita to Western Australia.

“My team and I have looked at the statistics and the data and it’s no secret our great state is being ripped off its fair share of GST return” he said.

“The buck has to stop here and we demand and expect a simpler, fairer model which benefits all states and territories in the national interest”.

“It is not in the national interest for WA to generate great wealth for Australia but to receive only 34c in the dollar per capita.

“Independent International studies from StanfordUniversity and the London School of Economics and Political Science indicate that revenue transfer systems like the current GST distribution model are not in the nation’s best interest.

Senator Georgiou said the current scenario was unjust considering Western Australia only received $878 per capita from the GST distribution while the national average was$2,543.

“To rub salt in the wound, the ACT receives $3046, SouthAustralia receives $3,671, Tasmania sits at $4,601 and the Northern Territory receives a whopping $11,881 per capita” headded.

“It is not in the national interest when WA adopts a proactive policy for mining and gas exploration and is then penalised compared to states which choose to sit on their hands and refuse to explore or develop their natural resources.

“It is not in the national interest when Western Australia is left at the bottom of the pile of GST recipients.

“I do expect the Commission’s review will be in the national interest and re-considers its stance on HFE with renewed vigour and meaningful purpose”.