Senator Georgiou Fast Tracks NBN in Perth

It’s December 2018 and after a year of lobbying and pushing it’s great to see some of the suburbs with the slowest internet speeds are finally being installed with NBN.
Do you have a problem with NBN? Let me know about it.

GST review confirms WA short changed

A review into the effectiveness of the formula used to distribute GST around Australia has found HFE (Horizontal FiscalEqualisation) is “deficient” and “ineffective” and at the same time has acknowledged the lack of funding re-directed toWestern Australia’s coffers.

“The Productivity Commission Review into the GST and specifically Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation has outlined many anomalies within the system and has noted the severe lack of funding coming through to WA” said One Nation Senator Peter Georgiou.

The review also found the system to be “beyond comprehension by the public and poorly understood by most within government-lending itself to a myriad of myths and confused accountability”.

“What the review also revealed is that for the best part of 20-years Western Australia has been receiving less GST than Queensland, ACT, South Australia and Tasmania which shows that this is not a gripe which has emerged just overnight” the Senator said.

“When WA receives just 34.4 cents in the dollar it’s no wonder some constituents are so unhappy they are going to great lengths calling for WA to secede.

“My office lodged a strong submission to the Productivity Commission’s review arguing the formula (HFE) was unfair to the interests of WA. I will also be aiming to make a submission on the draft report with a view to influence a better and stronger outcome for all Western Australians” the Senator added.

Georgiou fights for Smart Cities Plan for the bush

Western Australian Senator Peter Georgiou has called on the Federal Government to lower the population threshold to enable several country cities across the nation to be considered for the “Smart Cities Plan”.

The initiative is aimed at driving economic growth across the country but only towns with a population of 85-thousand or more can be considered to take part in.

“Right now there is no regional town in WA which meets the Commonwealth’s impractical population threshold” said Senator Georgiou.

During Question Time today, Senator Georgiou called on the Government’s representative, Senator George Brandis, to lower the threshold to include economic powerhouses like Geraldton, Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Karratha, Port Hedland and other regional cities with a population less than 85-thousand.

“After consulting several councils across Western Australia in recent days, I am disappointed the Smart Cities Plan has not been applicable to some of the biggest generators of wealth in our nation” he said.

“However, I am encouraged that Senator Brandis, in response to my questions signalled the Government would review the Plan and the associated population threshold, to allow more regional towns to country but in the mix”.

Senator Georgiou said news of the review was a clear sign Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party was holding the Commonwealth to account and was determined to ensure regional Australia was not forgotten.

“As a representative of all Western Australians, no issue is too great or too small for me to fight be considered. We must hold the major parties accountable for an honest, open and transparent Parliament”

Georgiou no “student” of Liberal Party

WA Senator Peter Georgiou has hit back at cheap remarks byFinance Minister Mathias Cormann, suggesting the One Nation MP should be a “student of the Liberal Party”.

In a bid to shore up support for a better GST deal for WA, Senator Georgiou called on Senator Cormann during question time yesterday, to explain why all WA Liberal MPs- other than Dean Smith- had failed to appear at two Senate Estimates hearings (in May and October) on the GST issue.

Senator Georgiou asked the Minister if he was prepared to pile the pressure on the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull andTreasurer Scott Morrison, to ensure WA received a better GST deal, irrespective of the findings of a review into GST set to be handed down in January.

“Senator Cormann claimed that WA was already getting a boost in GST, to the tune of a 1.2 billion dollar top up since the financial year of 2015/16.

“So what we have is the Government confirming WA is actually getting 37.6 cents in the dollar, up from 34 cents. Well Whoopy Doo is all I can say” said Senator Georgiou.

Minister Cormann said if Senator Georgiou had been a student of the Liberal Party he’d be aware that all WA Liberal MPs

worked as a team and we’re pushing for WA’s GST cause collectively.

“Well if that team can only get a boost of just three extra cents in the dollar, then why on earth would I want to be a student ofthe Liberals?” Senator Georgiou added.

The One Nation MP said the best way forward for Western Australia was a GST cut of at least 70 cents in the dollar.

One Nation heads to Kalgoorlie for Cashless Debit Card Inquiry

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson will join WA Senator Peter Georgiou in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, to take part in a vital SenateCommittee hearing on the benefits of the Cashless Debit Card.

The inquiry in Australia’s “Gold Capital” will hear testimony from civic and community leaders who will help determine whether the current legislation surrounding the scheme, can be amended so that the Card can be implemented across the country.

Right now the Cashless Debit Card can only be trialled in three areas until July 2018. The Goldfields is the third region in Australia where the Card is set to be implemented early next year.

“It’s important to be part of the conversation revolving around welfare and taxpayers’ money” said Senator Georgiou.

“Australia spends around 160-billion dollars on total welfare payments every year and that number is only going to rise by the end of the decade. This Card has proven to reduce alcohol consumption, gambling and violence in the two communities (East Kimberley and Ceduna) it’s been introduced and is a “no brainer” when it comes to supporting it”.

Senator Hanson said she was looking forward to visiting Australia’s “Golden Outback” and was keen to hear from the local community on the benefits the Card would bring to the region.

“With Bundaberg and Hervey Bay in Queensland also slated for trial, the Party is committed to supporting the Social Services Legislation Amendment Bill so that the Card can be rolled out to every community which calls for it”.

Senators Hanson and Georgiou will take part in the hearing on Thursday.

WAxit no more than a PR stunt

One Nation Senator Peter Georgiou has slammed the ill- conceived move by the WA Liberals to push for a secession plan over the lack of the state’s GST funding.

“While I support a boost to the GST redistribution for Western Australia, the Liberals have put little thought into what they have voted for at their recent state conference.

“The WA Liberals were in Government for more than eight years and had plenty of opportunity to remedy the issue and now they have resorted to nothing more than a cheap PR stunt and a woeful excuse to grab headlines” he said.

“If the WA Liberal Party was serious in addressing the GST issue in the state, it would lobby its Perth based Federal Ministers harder, to ensure Western Australia got its fair share of the spoils”.

“I don’t remember seeing other than one WA Liberal Senator at Budget Estimates on the GST review in May” he added.

“However there is ONE way we can address the issue on WA’s lack of GST here and now, rather than threatening secession and financial independence: that is by abolishing HFE (Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation).

“There is no legal requirement for it and furthermore the Government should introduce a 70c floor in the dollar to ensure GST equilibrium is brought back to one of the best productive states in the country”.

Senator Georgiou said if the WA Liberal Party wanted to re- engage with the local community, it was time to act strong rather than dish out “cheap talk”.

One Nation heads to Bunbury

WA One Nation Senator Peter Georgiou and WA Party leader Colin Tincknell will descend on the South-West this week, for a three day tour taking in Bunbury, Capel, Busselton, Dunsborough, Margaret River and Manjimup.

The road-trip will be aimed at unearthing issues affecting the region, particularly those that people feel the State and Federal Governments have turned their backs on.

“The South-West is a hub of agriculture, viticulture, mining and tourism which are key drivers in the economic growth of our great state” Senator Georgiou said.

“This will be my first trip to the region as Senator and I’m looking forward to learning more about the issues affecting WA’s second biggest city and the surrounding towns. Trips like this are important for locals and my office, because it enables people to voice their concerns about problems and issues they feel don’t get the due attention”.

During the tour, the Senator and Mr Tincknell will host residents at an open community meeting at the Bunbury Power Boat Club, between 4-5pm, Tuesday, January 23 (see attached).

As part of the South-West tour, the pair will attend a Bunbury Chamber of Commerce function and meet several local government executives from across the region.

Shorten shows true colours over GST carve up

WA Senator Peter Georgiou has slammed the Federal Opposition over the revelation that it won’t support any change for a fairer share of the GST distribution.

Right now Western Australians receive the lowest amount of the Goods and Services Tax carve-up, at just 37 cents in the dollar.

In South Australia today, Labor’s Deputy Leader Tanya Plibersek backed away from any suggestions at changing the equalisation proposal to enable WA a better slice of the pie.

“Tanya Plibersek said she and a future Labor Government would not support ‘ripping money out of South Australia or any other state, to give it to WA….adding ‘not at the expense of other states.”

“I find it hypocritical that Bill Shorten and Federal Labor have committed to a $1.6 billion dollar annual “top-up fund” but in the same breath won’t support for a better and fairer GST equalisation model” Senator Georgiou said.

He went on to add: “If there wasn’t a GST issue in WA, why are they propping up the state with money that could go to other states in the first place?”

“Ms Plibersek said she would not be prepared to sacrifice funding for schools, Tafes and Universities and so on in other states at the expense of WA. So what about the cost cutting measures WA is finding itself in now, with drastic cuts to regional education (School of the Air) which

could be avoided if WA had more access to GST funding” the Senator added.

“Under a revised scheme Western Australia could generate a windfall amounting to hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars but neither major party is seemingly willing to do the fair thing.

“The only party standing up for Western Australians is Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and all ‘sandgropers’ need to know how they’re being treated before they head to the polls at the next Federal Election.

Bankwest receiver takes profits from WA Farmer

Senator Peter Georgiou has been left shocked and stunned following the startling revelation by a Bankwest appointed receiver which charged a struggling WA wheat belt farmer, a whopping 800-thousand dollars to present his farm for sale in 2014.

The revelations come after Senator Georgiou received supplementary evidence from a One Nation led Senate Inquiry into Rural Banking. The fees and charges from receiver Korda-Mentha wiped out the entire takings from the farmer’s sale of livestock and grain and have left the farmer fighting for justice.

To add insult to injury, right now, Korda-Mentha will not allow the farmer to tell his story and the firm has refused to hand over vital documents relating to the case.

Korda-Mentha provided a schedule of costs showing they charged the farmer:

$234,937 in appointee fees
$323,927 in legal fees (between November 2013 and

December 2014)
$87-thousand dollars in other property expenses.

“I find it incredible that Bank appointed receivers can charge this level of fees and that farmers are left powerless when it happens. The Banks are involved and know what’s going on and they ignore it, the regulators are often powerless to help and it all happens under a veil of secrecy.”Senator Georgiou said.

“I’ve been amazed at the stories heard at this inquiry, businesses have been destroyed by dishonest and unethical conduct, it needs to stop and people need to be brought to account”

“I am absolutely gobsmacked at how we could have left a struggling grower, trying to carve a living off the land high and dry. Koorda-Menthashould be ashamed of itself” he added.

Senator Georgiou said he was disappointed with Korda-Mentha for not providing the inquiry all correspondence, documentation including valuations, legal advice and consultant reports in relation to the receivership.

“If Korda–Mentha has nothing to hide, why not open up its books?

“One Nation has played an important role in calling for and leading theSenate Inquiry and our work in exposing bank misconduct has helped farmers get some answers. What we need now is action to compensate them and to punish parties that have acted dishonestly” he said.

Senator Georgiou urged anyone who had been victimised by the banks or receivers to lodge a submission into the looming Royal Commission into the banks here

One Nation report: Banks turn their back on farmers

A forensic report into a One Nation led inquiry examining rural lending practices to Australia’s primary producers, has been tabled in the Senate, landing several blows to the nation’s embattled finance industry.

The Senate Select Committee Inquiry into Lending to Primary Production Customers has unveiled a series of systemic and unethical conduct.

The six month Senate Inquiry received 85 submissions affecting hundreds of famers and small businesses across the country.

The report, which has made 27 recommendations, includes:

Report’s Key Recommendations

1. Implement a national, low-cost, compulsory dispute resolution scheme. (Recommendation 13)

2. Force banks to come to the table and attend mediation.

(Recommendation 12)

3.Train rural counsellors and provide greater advocacy for farmers. (Recommendation 14)

4.Educate mediators in farm practices and farm finance arrangements. (Recommendation 14)

5.Limit the banks from charging penalty interest rates.

(Recommendation 10)

6. Stop the banks from unilaterally amending loan agreements to the detriment of the customer. (Recommendation 3)

7.Make receivers accountable for their actions and require them to report regularly to both the bank and the customer.(Recommendation 15)

8.Give AFCA wide ranging powers to determine disputes, award compensation to farmers, and set aside any agreements between the banks and their customers.(Recommendation 13)

9. A Royal Commission fully consider the evidence published by the committee in the context of its inquiry.(Recommendation 27)