Shorten’s plan to stop Cashless Card kicks local business in the guts

Senator Peter Georgiou has expressed anger over Bill Shorten’s plan to scrap the Cashless Debit Card trial in WA’s Goldfields.

Right now under the trial, 80 per cent of a cardholder’s welfare payments can’t be used to pay for liquor or gambling.

The trial was rolled out in Kalgoorlie-Boulder and the Goldfields last year and has been extended until June next year.

Senator Georgiou said he was shocked to see reports that Mr Shorten, if elected Prime Minister, would “roll back” the existing Cashless Debit Card trial in the region.

“I’ve had consistent feedback that this has been an effective tool in combatting anti-social behaviour and helping reduce offences against local businesses” Senator Georgiou said.

“Retailers have been crying out for this type of initiative and Labor just wants to turn its back on them”.

“If Mr Shorten truly lent his ear to the Goldfields community when he visited the region last year, he should have noted that community leaders far and wide have been calling for change and new way to address a series of concerns. One method was through the Debit Card trial” he said.

“It seems the only thing Labor cares about is a few cheap votes ahead of the election”.

Senator Georgiou said One Nation would continue to support the trial of the Cashless Welfare Card in Federal Parliament, and would not support Labor if it won office.

One Nation Senator joins Veterans MC in Australia Day Run

WA Senator Peter Georgiou will join hundreds of passionate One Nation supporters and defence Veterans in a Perth motorbike run, (from Nollamara to Fremantle) to commemorate this year’s Australia Day celebrations.

The run has been organised by the WA chapter of “Veterans MC” as part of an annual tradition.

Senator Georgiou said he hoped the run would go a long way in galvanizing all participants and celebrate Australia Day as the National Day and quash any bid to change the date.

“Just like most other respectful citizens of this country, I’ve been celebrating Australia Day on January 26, with the bbq or a spit-roast burning, enjoying the day with family and friends” he said.

“It troubles me that there has been a deliberate effort by the Greens and Left-Wing activists “demonising” our day and turning it into a divisive political debate” he added.

“Australia Day has always been intended to honour what is special about this great country of ours; to celebrate what makes our way of life the envy of the world”.

“Australia Day isn’t intended to discriminate, quite the opposite, it celebrates people who have come from across the globe to forge their new lives in a beautiful and stable community”.

Senator Georgiou said recent opinion polling had shown that more than 70-per cent of people support Australia Day on its traditional date.

He said any move to change the date for Australia Day would be “un-Australian”.

One Nation WA goes on Live Sheep Trade fact finding mission

State and Federal MPs from Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party in Western Australia have had a first-hand look at the live sheep loading processes for stock bound for the Middle East from Fremantle.

One Nation WA wanted to explore what goes on behind the scenes when livestock is transported thousands of miles across the sea from Fremantle to the Gulf. “

Like all Australians, I was disgusted to see the footage and photos from the treatment of sheep aboard the Awassi Express” Senator Georgiou said.

“It’s my duty as a Senator for Western Australia to get to the bottom of the issue and ensure that no animals are harmed in future and that our farmers and industry aren’t impacted unnecessarily” he added.

“My visit on board the Al Messilah with WA One Nation leader Colin Tincknell and One Nation MLC for Mining and Pastoral Robin Scott, was aimed at seeing how the sheep are handled, transported and processed from wharf to wharf” he said.

“There’s no doubt the industry has gone through massive change in the last 12-months which is aimed at improving the industry in all facets”. “

Our greatest concern right now is the prospect of a live sheep trade ban and what impact it could have on WA farmers” he added.

“The industry is worth up to 250-million dollars a year to the state economy and any impact on our farmers’ livelihood and on the economy is front and centre on our minds”.

The Senator said he had spoken to farmers and animal rights activists to get their opinions and stressed that One Nation has always been a party which listens and looks at all sides of the argument first before making any decision.



*Attached Photos: Senator Georgiou inspects sheep on board the Al Messilah*

One Nation secures extension to My Health Record Opt-Out Period

November 14, 2018

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation has successfully achieved an extension to the opt-out period of the My Health Record Amendment (Strengthening Privacy) Bill 2018 after the Party’s amendment won the support of the Senate.

It now means all Australians have until 31 January 2019 to opt-out of the scheme.

The deadline to opt-out was tomorrow, 15 November 2018. As a result of One Nation’s amendment, the deadline to opt-out of My Health Record has been extended by 12 weeks.
Senator Georgiou congratulated his team on the win.

“Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is committed to giving people control over their own lives. It’s critical all Australians have enough time to make their decision” he said.

The Bill also addresses concerns that people would be locked-in to the My Health Record if they missed the deadline and wouldn’t be able to opt-out at all.

“There have been some clear issues with the scheme from the outset” Senator Georgiou said.

“It’s most important no one is locked-in and people have more time to opt-out, should they wish to do so”.

Senator Hanson’s amendment was supported by the Government, despite their reluctance to extend the 15 November 2018 deadline, and also was supported by the Opposition, despite them moving their own amendment to extend the period for a further 12 months.

“It’s a win for One Nation which again has shown to be a genuine alternative to the out-of-touch major parties” Senator Georgiou added.

Georgiou helps Moora College stay open

September 04, 2018

One Nation Senator for WA Peter Georgiou has played a pivotal role in keeping the embattled Moora Residential College stay open after taking up the case personally with the Federal Government.

Senator Georgiou welcomed the Commonwealth’s decision to inject an $8.7 million refurbishment of the 40-year old college which will give security for its students which is crucial for rural families between Perth and Geraldton.

“After visiting the college and talking to the locals earlier this year, I knew the prospect of the college closing down would create further gaps in the city to country divide” the Senator said.

“Prior to today’s announcement I had lobbied the Commonwealth and secured one million dollars to keep the college open for at least two more years but I’m delighted the Federal Government has seen the light and has topped that funding up to $8.7 million”.

“The closure of the Moora Residential College would have impacted on employment and expenditure in the town and would have led to the loss of at least 15-jobs”.

“I’m stunned as to why WA Labor thought shutting down the College was a smart move and why it should have been accepted by the public in the first place” he added.

“If we want to keep rural communities alive and thriving then we need important infrastructure like the College to attract students from across the state, which has a multiplier effect on the local economy”

Senator Georgiou said this was a clear case where One Nation was the party for the people.

“It’s One Nation that lobbied hard to get an MRI license for Kalgoorlie Hospital, it was One Nation that secured three-million dollars to upgrade the historic Litis football Stadium in Mt Hawthorn and now it’s been left to One Nation again to push for a positive outcome for Moora College” he said.

Watch: Senator Georgiou visits Moora College

Georgiou delivers for WA football

August 25, 2018

One of Western Australia’s pioneering soccer clubs has received a multi-million dollar federal grant, to ensure it remains a leader in WA sport and continues to foster the football stars of tomorrow.

After making significant representation to the Federal Government, WA Senator Peter Georgiou has successfully helped Floreat Athena Football Club receive the three (3) million dollar grant, believed to be one of the biggest funding announcements in WA football history.


“The club approached me about 12-months ago and outlined a series of important issues focusing on stadium upgrades” the Senator said.

“The grant will be used to redevelop the pitch, seating and club rooms at “Litis Stadium” in Mt Hawthorn where Athena has been the sole tenant since 1982. The club has been based at the site since the 1970s which was originally known as “The Velodrome” and was used during the 1962 Perth Empire Games” the Senator added.

Over the years, Floreat Athena has produced local and international football stars, including former Socceroo Stan Lazaridis and Perth Glory favourite sons Bobby Despotovski and Vas Kalogeracos.

Senator Georgiou said he was confident today’s announcement would resonate widely in the WA sporting community.

“This is a huge investment and a great win for football and the local community” he said.

“The club has a fantastic opportunity to engage with the local community and all its relevant stakeholders and this funding grant will go a long way in achieving that goal” he added.

Senator Georgiou also thanked fellow WA Senator Matthias Cormann, for his strong show of support for the project.

“Senator Cormann is a big football fan and I am delighted he helped convince the Commonwealth to sign off on this important community project”.

Senator Georgiou said the club would aim to position itself as a one-stop training venue for football in Western Australia, and cater to the specific needs of the Socceroos when they visited WA and the needs of teams from the A-League and overseas.

The Senator also stressed football was the most participated sport in Australia and it was a timely reminder for the State and Commonwealth governments to commit more funding for Football (soccer) in WA.

WA gets fairer share of GST but debt blows out

July 5, 2018

One Nation Senator for Western Australia Peter Georgiou has cautiously offered a luke-warm response to the state’s 4.7 billion dollar Goods and Services Tax windfall following the long awaited findings from the Productivity Commission’s review into the GST saga.

“Being a passionate advocate for GST reform I am pleased Treasurer Scott Morrison has listened to my calls on behalf of all Western Australians for a better and bigger slice of the GST pie” he said.

“This has been long overdue and finally it’s good to see that after eight years Western Australia can expect to see some GST justice!” he added.

“That money will allow the state government to use the funds for schools, hospitals and road upgrades and other infrastructure as needed”.

The Senator also added that in reality, the Commonwealth was doing the minimum as a step toward genuine GST reform.

He said it was clear from the PC report, Western Australia generated more state-sourced revenue than any other state and as a result had been penalised for its achievements over the last decade.

“So what Scott Morrison and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull are offering WA is at the very least, what this great state deserves”.

“At the same time I am concerned the government will be forced to dip into its own coffers to the tune of billions of dollars to “ensure no state is worse off”.

“I remain unconvinced about the Commonwealth’s desire or intent to pay off the nation’s rapidly rising debt and have concerns about its budgetary and fiscal management skills”.

WA Teacher thrown “under the bus”

April 14, 2018

WA Senator Peter Georgiou has condemned the seemingly cruel, harsh and insensitive treatment of a long serving Perth teacher who he claims was “simply thrown under the bus” after she was victimised by a problem student at a South-Eastern suburbs school.

Karen Young, a veteran teacher of 26 years at the same primary school, had been on stress leave for close to a year after she was assaulted twice on separate occasions by a year-three student.

In one of the assaults the student struck her twice on the arm and threw a chair at her. During the second incident, the child attempted to stab her with a broken pen, threw a piece of wood at her and then fired staples at her and others in the classroom.

The incidents caused significant trauma for the primary school teacher who had an unblemished record and had been given approval by her GP to stay on leave for several more months this year.

Last week, the Department turned its back on the career teacher and forcefully “medically retired” her employment, which means she can no longer work as a teacher, not even on a relief basis.

“This is an abhorrent and pitiful way to treat a loyal and long serving employee. Ms Young had asked for a transfer or a separation payout prior to this, but both requests were denied” Senator Georgiou said.

“Karen came to me last year with her concerns and we wrote to Education Minister Sue Ellery earlier this year, asking for a possible solution, but she declined our request to meet”.

“This government is on record on how it wants to treat its educators and its students, you just have to look at the situation involving the residential college in Moora, and this is no exception’ Senator Georgiou added.

“I call on the Minister and the Department to get together with my constituent and work together to either re-instate Ms Young into the system or give her what she deserves, because so far she has been treated like a second rate citizen”.

“Most of all, what message is this sending to other aspiring teachers who are going through our tertiary system?” he said.


You can read more about this story in The West Australian here:

One Nation Heads to birth of the ANZAC spirit

April 23, 2018

Western Australian Senator Peter Georgiou, will today lead a convoy of One Nation Parliamentarians to Albany, to take part in the final year of the “Centenary of Commemoration” as part of this year’s ANZAC Day festivities.

Senator Georgiou, along with One Nation Senator for New South Wales Brian Burston and PHON WA leader Colin Tincknell will descend on the South Coast to honour and pay homage to the fallen.

“Anzac Day is one of the biggest events on the Australian calendar, and being the last commemorative year of the First World War, I wanted to spend it in Albany” Senator Georgiou said.

“It’s well known that the birth of the ANZAC spirit was born in Albany and I think if we look back on the past 100-years, we’ve got a lot to be thankful for all those thousands of men and women who served our country.

Senator Georgiou said as part of the visit, he was keen to talk to many “Diggers” on what assistance was being provided to veterans who were facing depression and all its associated effects.

“As a nation we are obligated to look after our own and anything less would be an indictment” he said.

During the trip, Senator Georgiou and the entire team will stop in the Wheatbelt town of Narrogin, to meet community members on a range of local issues.

“We’ve got a few meetings with the local council and a few constituents down that way, who want to talk us so we’ll gladly meet them. Our mantra has always been ‘people before politics’.

While in Albany, Senator Georgiou will aim to meet local community groups, including the Albany Junior Soccer Association to make a small donation.

Lest We Forget.

Big Banks fail small business

May 30, 2017

A Senate Estimates Committee has revealed Australia’s major banks are failing to meet “their legal obligations” which came into effect last year.

The Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman last night told the Committee, eight banks, including Australia’s “big four” had failed to comply with new laws in relation to unfair contract terms.

The Ombudsman’s Kate Carnell told the Committee “The banks haven’t taken it seriously”.

One Nation Senator Peter Georgiou said it was clear the banks had dismissed the impact of foreclosed loans on thousands of small businesses throughout the country and were taking hard working Australians for a ride.

“It’s evident from what we learnt last night, that the major finance institutions in this country are treating Australians with massive disrespect” he said.

“Now more than ever, it’s clear that a Royal Commission into the behaviour of the banks is badly needed” the Senator added.

In a startling revelation and in response to a question from Senator Georgiou, the Ombudsman also said it was planning to “deep-dive” into the Bankwest Share Sale Deed.

Senator Georgiou called on the Ombudsman to hasten its report into the Commonwealth Bank’s takeover of Bankwest and release the findings publically.


Video of the Senate Estimates Committee can be viewed here:
(scroll to 21:18-21.22.46 and 21.52.05– 21.53.09 to watch Senator Georgiou’s questions)