One Nation heads to regional WA for ANZAC Day 2019

WA Senator Peter Georgiou will participate in another regional ANZAC Day commemoration this time in Kalgoorlie-Boulder alongside WA One Nation MP Robin Scott.

Senator Georgiou visited Albany last year with One Nation WA leader Colin Tincknell and next week will head to the Goldfields for ANZAC Day commemorations after spending a few days in Esperance meeting constituents and supporters.

“I love heading to regional WA and meeting new people all the time. We have passionate members and supporters across the state, determined to tell me what goes on in their patch and what’s important to them” he said.

Senator Georgiou said Federal Elections always struck a nerve with country people strongly because they feel they’re being overlooked by the major parties.

“One Nation prides itself on being a champion of farmers and regional Australia” he added.

“Thanks to One Nation, Kalgoorlie Hospital has secured an MRI license and because of One Nation, Moora is going to get a brand new Agricultural College. As a Senator for WA my fight and passion for regional WA is on the record”.

Senator Georgiou will be arriving in Esperance on Tuesday April 23 to meet locals and supporters before heading to Kalgoorlie-Boulder to join Robin Scott for ANZAC Day commemorations.


Two years too long for Kalgoorlie MRI

Western Australian Senator Peter Georgiou has welcomed more than six million dollars in state government funding for the long awaited Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine for Kalgoorlie Health Campus but has criticised WA Labor for failing to fast track the installation process.

Senator Georgiou secured the Medicare license for the MRI machine in June last year after leading a strong advocacy campaign alongside WA One Nation MP Robin Scott.
The Senator said today’s funding announcement was a step in the right direction but he slammed the state government for its lack of urgency to install the life-saving machine.
“My concerns are the waiting time. We’re still two years from this machine being up and running. That’s at least two more years where people will be out of pocket to travel to Perth to get these scans”.

“I have had advice from practitioners in the private sector who tell me an MRI could be installed and operating within four months. Yet we’re still 24 to 30 months away from the machine being turned on, that is ridiculous” the Senator said.

“One Nation did a massive favour for the state government by speeding up the machine’s Medicare license approval yet Minister Roger Cook and the Health Department are moving at a snail’s pace”.

“It’s disappointing there is no sense of urgency for the people of the Goldfields. They are still being treated like second class citizens and I encourage them to lobby the Minister and force him to install the MRI sooner than later”.

No surcharge without representation

One Nation Senator for Western Australia, Peter Georgiou, has condemned the new law imposed on Small Charter Vehicle Operators.

The Senator said legislation recently passed by the State Parliament designed to compensate Taxi plate holders to offset the losses created by the introduction of Uber has unfairly hit charter operators.

“Now we are also finding that it will hit charter bus companies as well”.

“This legislation is placing a 10% tax on Small Charter Vehicle Operators in order to compensate Taxi Plate holders. Small Charter Vehicles don’t even operate on a Taxi plate license and were never allowed to operate like a Taxi. Now they are being whacked with a government mandated price increase” the Senator said.

“It’s like taxing apple farmers to raise funds to compensate potato growers for the removal of the potato board. It just doesn’t make sense”.

“My office also understands that as a result of the tax being placed on them, charter operators will have to fill out additional red tape. This is ironic given the rise of Uber in the state was primarily because they didn’t have to comply with red tape in the first place.

“The legislation which was opposed by One Nation’s three MLC’s, Colin Tincknell, Robin Scott and Charles Smith is unjust and needs to be reworked. I understand that mistakes happen. The government should just own up to it, admit they made a mistake, rectify it and move on with business.”

Senator Georgiou said the bill contains a controversial 10 per cent levy on all on-demand transport fares which will pay for its four-year $120 million taxi plate buyback scheme.

He has called on the State Government to exempt Small Charter Vehicle Operators from the tax.

Senator Georgiou confirmed as PHON’s number one candidate in WA

Senator Peter Georgiou has been endorsed by the state executive as the number one Senate Candidate for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party in Western Australia.

Senator Georgiou has been pivotal in securing a number of achievements for the benefit of WA in the past two years, including:
• His strong advocacy for WA’s fair share of GST;
• Forcing the Commonwealth’s hand to rebuild Moora Agricultural College to the tune of $8.7 million;
• His relentless drive to secure an MRI license for Kalgoorlie Hospital;
• And his critical support for a $3-million boost for sport

The fiercely proud Western Australian entered politics in 2017 after running a successful electrical contracting business. He acknowledged the support of the state executive and said he was determined to get on with the job.

“I am thankful and pleased to be given the opportunity to represent One Nation and the people of Western Australia at the upcoming election. It’s clear to everyone that there is much more work to be done to get this country back on the right track”.

“Unemployment in WA is the highest in the country and immigration across the nation is out of control. These issues have a massive impact on the lives of all Australians and it’s been evident time and time again that it’s up to One Nation to keep the balance and hold the government of the day to account” he added.

Party leader, Senator Pauline Hanson also congratulated Senator Georgiou on his endorsement.

“As I’ve said previously Peter has grown into this role and it’s always been my view that he’s the best candidate to represent WA”.

“His life as a tradie makes him personable and relatable to ordinary Australians and I look forward to joining him on the campaign trail in Western Australia in the weeks ahead” she said.

Budget Splashes Cash but no job boost for WA

WA Senator Peter Georgiou has slammed the Federal Budget describing it as nothing more than a “blatant vote grabber”.

“The Morrison government has given tax breaks to singles and couples with a total income of up to $125 000 which is encouraging but there is no blue print to create more jobs across our vast state”.

“What concerns me most however is the government is throwing money around like a drunken sailor but there is no plan to relieve WA’s rising unemployment rate”.

“The budget has forecast WA’s population will grow by 70-thousand over the next four years. What I want to know is where are the jobs to support and facilitate this population growth?”

Senator Georgiou also attacked the Federal Government’s inability to extract more taxes from multinationals.

“I am shocked to see that Petroleum Resource Rent Tax receipts from multinationals are going to fall by more than $450 million dollars over the next four years. Again the government has bowed to big business and let them off the hook”.

The Senator also expressed his concern over the rising rate of foreign aid over the forward estimates.

“Our foreign aid is going to jump from $5.7 billion to $6.2 billion. Why are we pumping more money overseas and not looking after our own backyard first”?

Senator Georgiou acknowledged the increased funding for drought relief and a new Dairy Code of Conduct to help farmers maintain their competitive advantage.

“The other encouraging feature is the $50 million for regional tourism but again, what jobs will be created from this?”

Senator Georgiou noted the increased funding in health, namely medical scans, and for education around Australia but questioned how the cash splash would translate to jobs and eliminate WA’s unenviable title as the unemployment capital of Australia.

Georgiou urges Australians to go “Cold Turkey” on Erdogan

WA Senator Peter Georgiou has called on every Australian to suspend their travel plans to Gallipoli for next month’s ANZAC Day commemorations until the country’s leader apologises for the insensitive and deplorable comments he made.

“The ties between Australia and Turkey have been forged during the Gallipoli Campaign in the Dardanelles and since then a strong bond has developed between our two countries” he said.

Last year 33-000 Australian tourists visited Turkey and in 2017 Australian travellers were among the biggest spenders in the region.

“The recent comments made by President Erdogan that he will be sending Australians back home in coffins like their grandfathers are an utter disgrace. They offend the spirit of what ANZAC Day has become” the Senator said.

Senator Georgiou said Australians considering going to Gallipoli next month for the annual pilgrimage needed to send a strong message to President Erdogan.

“I think Australians should put their travel plans on hold and that Australia immediately cancels any aid funding to Turkey.

With ANZAC Day fast approaching we need to know what the Australian government plans to do, and more importantly will Australians who plan to travel there to commemorate our fallen be safe?

We also need to ask, is Turkey a true ally of the West?”

Georgiou calls Morrison’s bluff on preference deal

WA Senator Peter Georgiou has accused the Prime Minister of virtue signalling after declaring there’d be no preference deal with One Nation at the upcoming election.

“The Prime Minister has clearly played into the hands of Labor, the Greens and left wing media, not realising he is knifing ordinary Australians in the back, as the Liberals did to former PM Turnbull, with this knee-jerk reaction” Senator Georgiou said.

“I have worked with the Coalition Government for two years on various pieces of legislation and have even supported Labor and Greens amendments on the floor of Parliament”.

“Let’s make no mistake, the events in New Zealand over the last few days have been gut-wrenching and terrifying, and I hope and pray this doesn’t happen again. However to make One Nation the scapegoat for an act of terror in another country is ludicrous and a long bow, and for the Prime Minister to politicise the event to this extent is reckless and irresponsible for a serving PM” the Senator added.

“Without One Nation, Western Australia would not have received a billion dollar boost in GST revenue; Kalgoorlie-Boulder would not have received a new MRI license for its hospital; Moora would not be getting the 8.7 million dollars to rebuild its Agricultural College; rural businesses would not have been eligible for a Wage Subsidy Scheme to hire apprentices and if it wasn’t for One Nation, the Government would be clueless when forming debate and policy on slashing immigration”.

“So in reality Australians’ concerns would be ignored without One Nation being on the floor of Parliament” he said.

“Right now Western Australia is home to the highest level of unemployment in the country and this has happened under Scott Morrison’s watch, making it harder for Western Australians to pay the bills and put food on the table”.

“If Scott Morrison wants to rule out a preference deal with One Nation, I say think again. You’ll be shooting yourself in the foot and spelling the end of so many marginal seats and effectively ending the careers of Minister Ken Wyatt and Attorney General, Christian Porter.

“Australians WILL have a choice at the next election and if the Prime Minister thinks he can play games, he will be outplayed by the most important players of them all- the Australian voters”.

Western Australia short changed over pilot apprenticeship places

Western Australian Senator Peter Georgiou has accused the Federal Government of short-changing WA apprentices in favour of east-coast businesses as part of a national Wage Apprenticeship Subsidy Scheme.

In October, the Federal Government hijacked One Nation’s policy and announced a pilot apprenticeship program for regional businesses across the country, to help boost regional employment in the midst of a population drain.

Up to 1630 places have been offered under the 60-million dollar pilot scheme, with wages for First, Second and Third year apprentices subsidised by the Commonwealth.

“Up to 134 WA mum and dad businesses around the state will get to hire an apprentice. That number is well below the fair reflection of our population base and doesn’t go far enough” Senator Georgiou said.

“WA’s population sits around 2.7 million, and we only get 134 spots for a national program. That’s not even 10-percent of the national quota. How is that fair?”

  Australian Apprentice distribution Proportion available

for GTOs

Remaining available for

other employers

NSW 459 46 413
VIC 331 33 298
QLD 421 42 379
SA 108 11 97
WA 134 13 121
TAS 124 12 112
NT 55 6 49
ACT 0 0 0
TOTAL 1632* 163 1469

*Note – the total number of Australian Apprentices is greater than 1630 due to rounding (Australian Government Department of Education and Training)

“I’ve had calls to my office from mechanics, plumbers and flooring businesses in Katanning, Geraldton and Albany who’ve missed out because they didn’t know about the scheme or only found out about it from a brochure I promoted on the eve of the program’s launch on January 1”.

“Now it’s been revealed that New South Wales, typically, gets the bulk of the apprentices. Last time I looked WA made up one-third of Australia’s landmass”.

“WA’s unemployment rate is the highest in the nation at 6.8%. The Federal Government had an opportunity to affect change but again it’s bowing down to eastern states pressure and as a result has short changed Western Australians across the state”.

Georgiou: Boost in foreign students will cost jobs for locals

WA Senator Peter Georgiou has slammed the WA Labor Government’s push to double the overseas student intake to 100,000 by 2025, warning that “it will cost jobs for locals”.

His concerns come after media reports revealed Study Perth announced its seven year plan to increase the overseas student intake to 100-thousand by the middle of next decade, a move the State Government has seemingly supported saying it wants to market Perth as an international student destination.

In 2008, WA’s foreign student intake stood at 41,000. Right now it sits around 51,000.

Senator Georgiou acknowledged that international education was a multi-billion dollar industry for universities and the national economy. However the influx of more overseas students would create unnecessary competition for jobs between locals and overseas students.

“If anything we need our youth and unemployed to take up the jobs overseas students would otherwise grab when they study here. Foreign students pay lots of money to access our education system but they should be self-funded and be denied any right to work here when studying. Otherwise they’ll be competing with youngsters for part-time and eventually full-time jobs” Senator Georgiou said.

“Right now industries are crying foul, wanting us to believe we have a skills shortage. How is that so when we have the highest unemployment rate in the country at 6.3 percent, our housing market is the flattest in decades and wages have stagnated for years”.

“There were 380-000 student visas granted nationwide last year. Many of these students are also allowed to work up to 20 hours a week and upon completing their degrees at least 20-percent will be eligible for residency and or citizenship”.

“The whole system is a farce and it needs to be called out” the Senator added.

“We should not be importing cheap labor to prop up universities and language centres so they can make a quick buck while our own suffer”.

Senator backs Coroner to widen Welfare Card

One Nation Senator Peter Georgiou has applauded the State Coroner for recommending a wider roll out of the Cashless Debit Card across WA’s top end.

The call is one of 42 recommendations which include restrictions on takeaway alcohol; and better screening services for people with foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) in the Kimberley.

The recommendations come in the wake of a coronial inquest into more than a dozen deaths and suicides of young indigenous people in the Kimberley over four years.

Senator Georgiou said the Coroner’s recommendations will force politicians, at State and Federal level to wake up.

“I am glad the Coroner has recommended the Cashless Welfare Card to be adopted across the Kimberley” Senator Georgiou said.

“The Cashless Card and its roll out across many areas of Australia is strongly supported by One Nation. It may not be the silver bullet but if anyone’s got a better idea to help stop the effects of “intergenerational trauma” in our communities then I’m all ears” he added.

“What’s also concerning is that under a Labor Federal Government the Cashless Debit Card would be scrapped. The Greens and left-wing activists have cried foul saying that the Card is an infringement on people’s rights. But here we have a Coroner after hearing all the evidence saying it should be widened”.

“I’m curious to see how the “lefties” will respond to this recommendation but I doubt they’ll change their tune”.

The inquest held hearings in Perth, Broome, Kununurra, Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek to allow affected communities give evidence.