As I determine the next chapter of my career I would like to acknowledge the privilege and the esteemed honour it’s been to serve the people of Western Australia as their Senator.

At the same time I am proud of my political achievements which I am confident have enriched the lives of many Australians.

I’ll never forget the day I walked into Parliament House to be sworn in as a Senator. Only three weeks earlier I was working as an electrical contractor on a construction site when I received the call confirming I would be spending the next few years of my life in the 45th Parliament. It was a surreal moment.

I travelled to Parliament with a one track mind: to fly the flag for Western Australia.

I campaigned for a better GST deal and we got it.

My refusal to support the Government on the “Ensuring Integrity Bill” was a pivotal step for workers and protected a Fair Work Commission ruling. I know the Government wants to bring the legislation back to “bust up the unions” but I urge the Cross-Bench to do what’s right for Australian workers and their families.

I fought for a Federal license for an MRI machine in Kalgoorlie and Perth and we got them.

When the WA Labor governemnt wanted to bulldoze Moora Agricultural College I travelled to the region, lobbied for an upgrade and as a result the town is getting a new $8.7 million building.

I advocated for a three million dollar upgrade for Litis Stadium and WA Sport.

I helped fast-tack NBN in some of the slowest suburbs in Perth and applied enough pressure on the Commonwealth to unblock a population threshold for regional cities to access smart cities funding.

And let’s not forget about the banks. It was a One Nation-led Senate Inquiry into Rural Lending which forced the Government to launch a Banking Inquiry and ultimately uncovered theft, lying and fraud.

Not bad for a sparky some might say…which brings me to my next point.

I would like to see more and more people from ordinary walks of life put their hand up and serve this country. The political class from both sides of the tired parties have had a long-running habit of looking after their own and doing what’s right for their party, NOT for the everyday Australian.

Finally, I urge the Government to focus on what’s best and fair for our country and our people. The long-running practice of letting multinationals off the hook and not chasing them for their fair share of tax is just one example where there needs to be legislative change. Anything less is frankly an indictment on the Government.

I leave Federal Parliament knowing I have forged many friendships and connections with people from all sides of politics which I will always treasure. My political career has been the proudest and most humbling experience of my life and I’ll do it all again…one day!

I’d like to thank Pauline Hanson for trusting and believing in me.

To all the people of WA thank you and I hope to see you again soon.

Best wishes,

Senator Peter Georgiou