Australian Stock Exchange reform

Early this year my office was contacted by concerned shareholders of Flinders Mine.
I sat and listened to their story and did whatever i could to help them. While i was able to achieve a small win this time, there is a lot more that needs to be done.

I was grateful to receive this letter in recognition of what i was able to do.

The letter begins:

In the 1990’s when the One Nation Party was established I worked with highly educated trained
professionals whom spoke positively about many of One Nation’s policies contrary to what a
journalist has written recently in this paper. Not all policies were liked but it is fair to say people
vote Labor and Liberal without being committed to all policies. Over time One Nation became
less fashionable and it is now usual to read on a regular basis the damming print of One Nation
written with the journalists’ hubris assuming we all concur.

However here in West Australian we have two excellent politicians working for One Nation in this State. I
speak of Senator Peter Georgiou and the Hon Robin Scott.

After years of financial support by minority shareholders of Flinders Mine our new Board decided
to cast us adrift, off the ASX and increase the dominance by foreign ownership to the detriment of
Mum and Dad shareholders. Hundreds of emails were sent to the WA Premier asking for help as
shareholders were excited about the planned port and railway project in the Pilbara and expected
to remain in real partnership as the project went forwards.

The State Government showed no interest in protecting Australian investors preferring instead to
opportunistically, politically, enable the foreigner’s goal. Whilst the State Labor Party chose silence
it was Senator Georgiou and Hon Robin Scott who used their political clout Federally and in the
State Parliament asking questions, highlighting inequality, making public previously confidential
and valuable information and as a direct result of this our Company remains on the ASX.

Not once was minority shareholders asked by Senator Georgiou or Robin Scott if we are One
Nation voters or intend being One Nation voters. These gentlemen were interested only in our
plight and this is in sharp contrast with the State Labor Party preoccupied with party politics and
personal ambitions. Politics today is too much about the Party and the Party Room and less and
less about what Senator Georgiou and Hon Robin Scott admirably demonstrate.