Pyjama Drama

Hon David Coleman MP
Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs
PO Box 6022
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600,

Dear David Coleman,

I write this open letter to you in regarding the issue of the Plumridge Family.

The facts of the matter should be known to you as they have been lying on your desk for the past 15 weeks.

According to your staff all that is required from you is for you to read their submission and for you to make a decision. I would have hoped that in the past 15 weeks you would have had the time to read their submission and have made a decision – one way or another.

Unfortunately time is beginning to run out.

As you may be aware, an election may be called any day soon. Once that occurs the government goes into caretaker mode and you will no longer be able to make a decision on their situation. The family will then have to wait through an election campaign. I mean no disrespect, but should there be a change a minister, then they would have to wait another 15 weeks for the new minister to read their submission.

Time this family does not have.

I must also share my concern that some MPs have already pre-judged their submission.

Staff from their local MP’s office, Ian Goodenough, apparently told them, or words to the effect, that if they want to work legally then they should return to the UK.

I do not believe it is appropriate for staff or government MPs to make a judgement call before the minister makes a decision.

I have repeatedly stated to my staff, that we will do the best we can for anyone who comes to my office for assistance regardless of who they vote for.

It is in this spirit I urge you to make the right decision regarding the Plumridge family before an election is called.

Yours Sincerely

Peter Georgiou
Senator for Western Australia


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