No surcharge without representation

One Nation Senator for Western Australia, Peter Georgiou, has condemned the new law imposed on Small Charter Vehicle Operators.

The Senator said legislation recently passed by the State Parliament designed to compensate Taxi plate holders to offset the losses created by the introduction of Uber has unfairly hit charter operators.

“Now we are also finding that it will hit charter bus companies as well”.

“This legislation is placing a 10% tax on Small Charter Vehicle Operators in order to compensate Taxi Plate holders. Small Charter Vehicles don’t even operate on a Taxi plate license and were never allowed to operate like a Taxi. Now they are being whacked with a government mandated price increase” the Senator said.

“It’s like taxing apple farmers to raise funds to compensate potato growers for the removal of the potato board. It just doesn’t make sense”.

“My office also understands that as a result of the tax being placed on them, charter operators will have to fill out additional red tape. This is ironic given the rise of Uber in the state was primarily because they didn’t have to comply with red tape in the first place.

“The legislation which was opposed by One Nation’s three MLC’s, Colin Tincknell, Robin Scott and Charles Smith is unjust and needs to be reworked. I understand that mistakes happen. The government should just own up to it, admit they made a mistake, rectify it and move on with business.”

Senator Georgiou said the bill contains a controversial 10 per cent levy on all on-demand transport fares which will pay for its four-year $120 million taxi plate buyback scheme.

He has called on the State Government to exempt Small Charter Vehicle Operators from the tax.