Budget Splashes Cash but no job boost for WA

WA Senator Peter Georgiou has slammed the Federal Budget describing it as nothing more than a “blatant vote grabber”.

“The Morrison government has given tax breaks to singles and couples with a total income of up to $125 000 which is encouraging but there is no blue print to create more jobs across our vast state”.

“What concerns me most however is the government is throwing money around like a drunken sailor but there is no plan to relieve WA’s rising unemployment rate”.

“The budget has forecast WA’s population will grow by 70-thousand over the next four years. What I want to know is where are the jobs to support and facilitate this population growth?”

Senator Georgiou also attacked the Federal Government’s inability to extract more taxes from multinationals.

“I am shocked to see that Petroleum Resource Rent Tax receipts from multinationals are going to fall by more than $450 million dollars over the next four years. Again the government has bowed to big business and let them off the hook”.

The Senator also expressed his concern over the rising rate of foreign aid over the forward estimates.

“Our foreign aid is going to jump from $5.7 billion to $6.2 billion. Why are we pumping more money overseas and not looking after our own backyard first”?

Senator Georgiou acknowledged the increased funding for drought relief and a new Dairy Code of Conduct to help farmers maintain their competitive advantage.

“The other encouraging feature is the $50 million for regional tourism but again, what jobs will be created from this?”

Senator Georgiou noted the increased funding in health, namely medical scans, and for education around Australia but questioned how the cash splash would translate to jobs and eliminate WA’s unenviable title as the unemployment capital of Australia.