One Nation Senator Peter Georgiou refuses to buckle to MacTiernan’s demands

Senator Peter Georgiou is calling out the behaviour of WA Agriculture Minister Alannah MacTiernan who has apparently been puzzled as to why the state’s egg producers are raising their concerns with the One Nation MP.

“It has come to my attention that the Minister of Agriculture is ringing around egg producers of WA trying to find out who spoke to me” he said.

“Frankly I think the Minister should focus more on doing her job by listening to the egg producers and trying to help resolve their issues rather than ringing around trying to find out why they spoke to me” he added.

Over the past few weeks the office of Senator Georgiou has been told by WA egg producers they are being bullied by having unfair demands placed on them by the big supermarket chains.

“We recently saw how the federal government used bully tactics to address the issue facing dairy farmers of Australia and the absurdly low prices milk was being sold at – to the detriment of the dairy farmers and rural communities they live in” he said.

“My concern is that if action isn’t taken soon, it may be too late for our local egg industry too”.

“I am also troubled the Minister is more concerned about who spoke to me, instead of picking up the phone to speak to me so we can resolve their concerns” he added.

“If the Minister wants to know what was said at the meeting I can tell her right now that it’s the same thing I tell everyone who comes into my office. My job is to represent the people of Western Australia and I don’t care who you are or what party you voted for”.

The Senator went on to add “I will do my best to represent you. I think the Minister should start representing the people of WA and give farmers a fair go. My door is always open to the Minister and to anyone else who can help resolve the issues facing everyday Australians”.