One Nation Senator joins Veterans MC in Australia Day Run

WA Senator Peter Georgiou will join hundreds of passionate One Nation supporters and defence Veterans in a Perth motorbike run, (from Nollamara to Fremantle) to commemorate this year’s Australia Day celebrations.

The run has been organised by the WA chapter of “Veterans MC” as part of an annual tradition.

Senator Georgiou said he hoped the run would go a long way in galvanizing all participants and celebrate Australia Day as the National Day and quash any bid to change the date.

“Just like most other respectful citizens of this country, I’ve been celebrating Australia Day on January 26, with the bbq or a spit-roast burning, enjoying the day with family and friends” he said.

“It troubles me that there has been a deliberate effort by the Greens and Left-Wing activists “demonising” our day and turning it into a divisive political debate” he added.

“Australia Day has always been intended to honour what is special about this great country of ours; to celebrate what makes our way of life the envy of the world”.

“Australia Day isn’t intended to discriminate, quite the opposite, it celebrates people who have come from across the globe to forge their new lives in a beautiful and stable community”.

Senator Georgiou said recent opinion polling had shown that more than 70-per cent of people support Australia Day on its traditional date.

He said any move to change the date for Australia Day would be “un-Australian”.