Georgiou helps Moora College stay open

September 04, 2018

One Nation Senator for WA Peter Georgiou has played a pivotal role in keeping the embattled Moora Residential College stay open after taking up the case personally with the Federal Government.

Senator Georgiou welcomed the Commonwealth’s decision to inject an $8.7 million refurbishment of the 40-year old college which will give security for its students which is crucial for rural families between Perth and Geraldton.

“After visiting the college and talking to the locals earlier this year, I knew the prospect of the college closing down would create further gaps in the city to country divide” the Senator said.

“Prior to today’s announcement I had lobbied the Commonwealth and secured one million dollars to keep the college open for at least two more years but I’m delighted the Federal Government has seen the light and has topped that funding up to $8.7 million”.

“The closure of the Moora Residential College would have impacted on employment and expenditure in the town and would have led to the loss of at least 15-jobs”.

“I’m stunned as to why WA Labor thought shutting down the College was a smart move and why it should have been accepted by the public in the first place” he added.

“If we want to keep rural communities alive and thriving then we need important infrastructure like the College to attract students from across the state, which has a multiplier effect on the local economy”

Senator Georgiou said this was a clear case where One Nation was the party for the people.

“It’s One Nation that lobbied hard to get an MRI license for Kalgoorlie Hospital, it was One Nation that secured three-million dollars to upgrade the historic Litis football Stadium in Mt Hawthorn and now it’s been left to One Nation again to push for a positive outcome for Moora College” he said.

Watch: Senator Georgiou visits Moora College