Georgiou calls for simple, fairer GST carve up

The office of One Nation Senator Peter Georgiou has lodged a submission to the Productivity Commission which has been tasked to review the effectiveness of Horizontal FiscalEqualisation (HFE) and the associated mechanisms of theCommonwealth Grants Commission’s distribution of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

The theme of Senator Georgiou’s submission includes the abolition of the GST coupled with a fixed rate of 70c in the dollar to be returned per capita to Western Australia.

“My team and I have looked at the statistics and the data and it’s no secret our great state is being ripped off its fair share of GST return” he said.

“The buck has to stop here and we demand and expect a simpler, fairer model which benefits all states and territories in the national interest”.

“It is not in the national interest for WA to generate great wealth for Australia but to receive only 34c in the dollar per capita.

“Independent International studies from StanfordUniversity and the London School of Economics and Political Science indicate that revenue transfer systems like the current GST distribution model are not in the nation’s best interest.

Senator Georgiou said the current scenario was unjust considering Western Australia only received $878 per capita from the GST distribution while the national average was$2,543.

“To rub salt in the wound, the ACT receives $3046, SouthAustralia receives $3,671, Tasmania sits at $4,601 and the Northern Territory receives a whopping $11,881 per capita” headded.

“It is not in the national interest when WA adopts a proactive policy for mining and gas exploration and is then penalised compared to states which choose to sit on their hands and refuse to explore or develop their natural resources.

“It is not in the national interest when Western Australia is left at the bottom of the pile of GST recipients.

“I do expect the Commission’s review will be in the national interest and re-considers its stance on HFE with renewed vigour and meaningful purpose”.